Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

“What an incredible beach!”  The first thing out of the mouth of both myself as well as my cousin Dan who was travelling with me.  Dan owns and was kind enough to help replace my roof at a family rate.  In return I asked him to come along for a this trip when my original travel partner was unable to travel.

Back to the beach, I’ve never felt such soft white sand between my toes before.  The sand stayed nice and cool regardless of how hot the caribbean sun became during the day.  The entire island is full of resorts and is attached to the main island of Cuba by a man made causeway.  There is a nice variety of wildlife in the area from lizards, crabs and birds of all different varieties.

Taking a taxi in Cuba is a great experience on it’s own.  Dan and I cruised the island in an old ’57 Chevy convertible with a cerveza in our hands and the top down to enjoy the warm  breeze coming off of the ocean.

cuba convertible


There are some negatives which I must talk about. The first is something I feel is nobody’s fault and that is that there are a lot…and I mean ALOT of mosquitos at nighttime.  We foolishly forgot to travel with bug spray and absolutely needed to pony up and buy a can of mosquito repellent after our first night on the island.

The second negative comment is pretty common when taking a trip to Cuba and that is simply that the food does not meet the standards we are accustomed to in North America.  I had known this ahead of time and brought with me some protein bars and other snacks to fill in the hunger gaps.

Taking into account that we knew food would be an issue before travelling was a real help personally in dealing with the not so great quality cuisine.  I found literally a couple of things I would eat every single day.  Pancakes for breakfast.  Chicken nuggets and fries for lunch and grilled chicken with a whole wheat bun for dinner was all I could stand to eat while there.  However, once I had my protein bars and a large amount of cereza, I never felt like I was starving or needing for food.

These negatives while looking back on this trip were so insignificant because the real reason we went to Cuba was for sun and sand.  That was delivered in spades.

Would I go back?  It seems like a question most people ask when they here I went to Cuba. The answer is yes .  While it wouldn’t be my first choice, as there are other area in the caribbean that just feel like home to me.  The biggest influence for me is price.  If you aren’t picky about your food and don’t forget your mosquito repellent it is a wonderful tropical paradise that should be discovered.  At least once!

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