Aloha from Hawaii!


When my husband and I got engaged, we both knew there was only one place on the planet we wanted to visit to celebrate our union of love.  That place was Hawaii.  Or as I like to call it now, “Paradise on Earth”

Just flying into the Honolulu Airport in the dark was amazing in itself.  There seemed like these islands just appeared out of nowhere and we were there.

Greeted at the airport with a beautiful flower lai and limo service to the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach.  My husband was mesmerized by the beauty of the place.  Of all our destinations we had travelled this one felt different from the moment we arrived.  Granted it was also due to the fact that we were married just 24 hours earlier.

The Aloha spirit resides throughout the island.  Being a tourist destination Honolulu may not be the ideal stop for some travelling to the islands as it is very much a city on the beach.  High rise buildings are the foreground to the beautiful diamon head volcano which stands ominously in the background of Waikiki beach.  Surfers, body surfers and beach goers pack in the white sand beach and take in the amazing weather that Oahu has to offer.

Other things around the island we took part in was visiting the Dole plantation to sample some fresh grown pineapple.  It was a fun spot, we took a train tour of the pineapple fields and got lost in the pineapple maze.

The next day we spent a day I will never forget.  Pearl Harbour is a place of reflection and human emotions that is very hard to explain.  As you relive the events of the morning of December 7, 1941 while standing over the turrets of the sunken USS Arizona which still to this day leaks oil which look like tears in the water.

Food and shopping are easy to find in Honolulu which made my husband and I very happy as we love to eat at franchise restaurants since my husband is so damn picky!

Following an amazing week in Oahu, we took a quick inter-island flight over to Maui for a week long stay at the Ka’anaapali Beach Hotel.  Known as the most Hawaii’an resort on the island of Maui.

With its beachfront access and whale shaped pool there was plenty of water to take a dip in and keep cool.  The grounds were fantastic, but my favourite part of the resort was the views.  On one side there was the Pacific Ocean and on the other beautiful lush green volcanic mountains.

A short drive into the town of Lahaina was a nightly journey for dinner as there are a number of restaurants and shops in this fantastic seaside town.  We ate dinner for my husband’s birthday at Bubba Gumps and had an amazing seaside table complete with wild stingrays swimming around in the shallows below.

Maui will always be remembered to me for the long scenic drive on the road to Hana.  A long winding narrow road with the ocean and mountains framing the entire distance.  The stops along the way make for a wonderful day.  We seen a black sand beach, beautiful banyan tree forest, waterfalls, caves and scenery out of a postcard the entire way.

Road to Hana

After two amazing weeks in paradise we returned home with the most incredible memories.  It was a picture perfect honeymoon that I am so blessed to have been a part of.  We plan on going back for our 15 year anniversary and I can’t wait to get back to my favourite place i’ve ever visited.

That’s another entry down, reflecting on these trips has really been a great experience for me.  I’m so grateful to write these memories down and realize I have been to so many more places to write about still.  What a life!

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